Program Registry

To Submit Programs to the Registry

Any program or activity involving non-enrolled minors must be registered and approved through the Programs Serving Minors Registry System.  On-going programs must re-register annually. All programs serving minors held on KSU campus facilities or utilizing KSU’s name or resources in any way must operate under the administrative purview of a KSU sponsoring unit and must be approved before the program activities involving the minors occur.


Program Registry Review and Approval Process 


Program Registry Review and Approval Process

The approval process is as follows:

  1. The Program Sponsor submits program information to a Sponsoring Unit for Approval
  2. The Sponsoring Unit reviews/approves the program. Review includes certification that:
    1. All activites are consistent with KSU's mission
    2. Appropriate funding is in place
    3. Appropriate supervision ratios will be met
    4. Requesite Authorized Individual training, background and screening requirements, licensing requirements, housing and transportation needs, and other logistics will be in place prior to the start of the program 
  3. The program undergoes Annual Review
    1. KSU Legal Review: Licensing, Forms, Facilities Use and other agreements
    2. KSU OERM Review: Risk/Insurance Coverage
    3. KSU Event Management/Compliance Review: Licensing, Background Checks, Supervision Ratios, Training Requirements, Forms Requirements, Retention of Documents, Approvals/Compliance Reviews completed

Note: Approval of a program does not guarantee facility availability or usage. It is the responsibility of the Program Sponsor to arrange for the booking of meeting rooms, housing accommodations, food service, etc. for the desired dates.

How to Access Program Serving Minors Registry:

The Program Serving Minors Registry is accessible to all KSU faculty and staff through Owl Express. Registration of programs should be at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the program activity to allow ample time for approvals.

Click here to access the Registry (Owl Express)

Job Aids for the Program Registry

If you need guidance on whether your program/event needs to be registered, send your inquiry to